Quite some time passed by since I got back to writing and now again I lost track of it for a year. I was planning to write more about my biggest travels (the Portuguese Camino de Santiago and nearly three months in Asia) but I somehow did not follow through with it. This is not because it is not interesting but rather because so much experiences and stuff happened in these trips that it might be a bit difficult to put it into blog posts which are easy to read. So I decided that I will get back to some of it from time to time without sticking to a fixed plan. A new year has come with loads of opportunities.

Have you set any new years resolutions?

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Nearly a year has passed since I quit my job and the first adventure I planned for the time Continue reading

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As some of you who read my article about quitting my job know, I effectively did it in the end of August in order to do a sabbatical. People often asked things like “How long will you be on your sabbatical?” or “Are you really not going to do anything?”. To be honest I could not Continue reading

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If you are unsure whether you should stay or you should go you might want to read the following lines. And no worries – this is not a blog post which should force you into quitting – it should rather provide you with some ideas and tools to do before taking the decision. I spent one year thinking about it by myself, finally did it and Continue reading

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One of the first topics I am going to write about after this long break is about changing my work situation.

Why do I write about that? I quit a job in last autumn which was a decision I thought about for more than a year. For me it was a great decision – but Continue reading

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Hello again,

it has been a long time since my last blogpost and my last encounter with the website. As the Corona pandemic slowed everything down a bit I remembered the blog and actually have  a lot of ideas about new topics and posts.

A lot of interesting stuff happened in the meantime – finished studies, new beginnings, a sabbatical with lot of travels, experiences and anecdotes to be shared. I will change and add new stuff soon.

Take care and stay healthy!




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Feedback: Nearly 2 years siliconfree & nearly one month poo-free!!!

Hi all,

after quite a long break I found my way back to my blog again. In this blogpost I want to share with you what came out when I was stopping using silicon in hair products.

It has become like a new trend in cosmetics to offer silicon-free products. As I heard and also mentioned in my initial hair experiment post about the ingredients in regular store shampoos (and also other cosmetical products ) I decided that I wanted to try how it without them.

I started with Continue reading

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