About the Primark obsession

source: Designers MAG!

Just a fashion store, but nevertheless it seems to be very important for a large part of the younger city population in Berlin. It was opened some weeks ago and there were queues standing and waiting just to get in the store (and I think in the store there was even more trouble).

I did not intend to visit the store in the first days of its opening because I knew that I am not interested in queueing up just to get into a store looking for some clothes and I did not and still do not really understand the hype about it.

Because one week ago or so I thought “okay the beginning crowds and troubles must be over, let’s have a look what is so special about it”

So a friend and me, we made our to the store in the southwestern part of Berlin. It was really crowded but at least I did not have to wait for getting in!

But when I was in the store I found that shopping in this way is NOT fun for me, because it was not able to have a relaxing store just looking at some pieces slowly because anywhere we were standing, there were some others pushing us.

After some time I had a bag with clothes for the dressing rooms and we decided to go there but then the next horror came: In the waiting area of the dressing rooms the air was extremely stuffy and everything was dark, quite an unpleasant way of waiting and I decided to stop it and just bring my clothes back because there were “only” around 30 persons in front of me also still waiting to have their possibility for trying on the clothes.

When I found a place in the store which was not so extremely crowded like the rest I decided just to try on one jacket and immediately there was a member of a store who told me that this is forbidded. After this my friend and me were not interested in staying in the store any longer.

So the conclusion:

The clothes do not look so bad, there are even some nice ones, but I definitely do NOT like the atmosphere of the store.

Maybe Primark becomes the “new H&M”  (but not for me 😉 )

But do not misunderstand me, it is totally okay if you like or love primark, it is up to you ! 😉

About Johanna

A human on a journey. In my blog Split seconds of life I write about my experience with career changes and travels, but also other topics I am interested in as cooking, natural cosmetics, photography and there will be some art as well.
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