Berlin: The City where nothing goes?

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Actually I quite enjoy living in Germany’s capital with its broad cultural variety and flair as it also has a lot of places.But anyhow there are some embarassing things for Berlin inhabitants. The first one to mention is the public transportation service (especially the so-called “S-Bahn” trains).

When you take a look at the S-Bahn plan, you may thing “humm actually Berlin is quite well connected”, but the reality is often quite different. As I am a frequent train traveller, I always have to plan more time in case that there is a delay or that there are some trains cancelled. But the most commen “excuse” for it is that “due to delays in the operational management the train….. to….. will arrive 15 minutes later / the train ….. to …. will be cancelled…”. The funny or rather ironic thing is that it started in winter and they said that the cold wheather is the reason, but anyhow the erronous planning keeps going on.

For example another issue is the BER airport in Schönefeld. Actually it was planned to be finished around 2010/2011, then they said that it should be finished around summer 2012, then March 2013 and now they think that they will not succeed in finishing until March 2013. Okay I admit, planning an airport may be not an easy thing, but there are a lot of other airports (where the people managed to finish it on time) so I think actually it must have been possible. Strange is that I have heard that one of the newly built towers is not straight anymore (probably I should take a look and a picture of it 😀 ) . So we can be excited for the date of completion.

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8 Responses to Berlin: The City where nothing goes?

  1. Yvonne says:

    U-Bahn and bus were always more reliable – at least for me in Kreuzkoelln! That’s why I would rarely venture to P-Berg, where I’d for forced to take the S-Bahn!

  2. snowgood says:

    Even so I would love to visit Berlin one day, poor transport permitting.

  3. Clanmother says:

    I live in Vancouver! Our rapid transit is relatively new compared to Europe. As soon as a line is completed (the last one being the Vancouver to Richmond run completed for the Olympics) it runs at capacity. Public transport is essential! The initial costs are high, but we need to view that in terms of the environment! I look forward to to following your blog…

    • jhnnbrts says:

      I totally agree with you that public transport is essential! I think a major problem in Berlin is that there are many damages at the trains and they gradually have to be repaired ( but this can be really annoying for somebody like me depending on the public transport 😉 )

  4. Rhonda says:

    Berlin is on my list of places I most want to visit!! thanks for the post.

  5. musikwala says:

    I have a fascination for Germany and its cities. I also love the German language. Hope I get to visit Berlin sometime. I’ve heard so much about the place!

  6. ladymaggic says:

    I love Berlin as I have friends there and have visited a few times. I also loved Dresden.
    Great article..Thanks

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