Eating XXL Pizza: A team event!

I already mentioned it in a post some days ago and yesterday I put in into practice and went to the restaurant “Villa Rixdorf”. It is located in Berlin’s district Neukölln (many people complain that Neukölln is a very dangerous place, but I think that is often very exaggerated because it depends on the certain place where you go in this district), the place of the restaurant is rather a quiet area.

As you see we decided to order 1/2 of the Pizza covered with sausage, mushrooms and peperoni, 1/4 covered with rucola and parma ham and the last quarter covered with tomato and mozzarella cheese. We were ten persons eating this Pizza, comprising a diameter of 1 m and we managed to eat it all. As we divided the price for all ten persons, we had dinner for 3,60 € per person. (the complete pizza cost 36€)

As a suitable regional berverage you can choose a beer which is called “Berliner Weiße mit Schuss”, this is beer which is available in several flavors: woodruff, raspberry and blackcurrant. I personally prefer raspberry and woodruff (which you can see on the picture below)

About Johanna

A human on a journey. In my blog Split seconds of life I write about my experience with career changes and travels, but also other topics I am interested in as cooking, natural cosmetics, photography and there will be some art as well.
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4 Responses to Eating XXL Pizza: A team event!

  1. I’ve never seen pizza that size before, but what a great idea for a large group!

  2. Sarah says:

    That’s one BIG pizza!!!

  3. Yeim says:

    Yeah! And I was one of those people who managed to eat this pizza 😀

  4. Emily Rain says:

    BIG PIZZA! PizzaZilla!

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