A little anecdote on Berlin’s traffic…

I already mentioned it in another post about Berlin: Berlin’s public transportation service is doing a strange job in recent time. Last winter we experienced it that there were more and more trains cancelled or came late, but the quantity was nothing in comparison of the recent months. Today was a day when I thought “Actually they should write it on the destination board when they manage to operate the trains on time instead of announcing all the trains which are late”. Probably we were too spoilt with a good transportation service but that what is going on brings a lot of annoyance. In deep winter times there might be a technical excuse, which I was told about by a relative and I did not know about that before: The switches are heated, but the problem is that there are often ice blocks hanging underneath the trains which may fall off from time to time. The heating of the switches is not intensive enough to melt them on time so it might happen that somebody has to come and remove them so the next train will be delayed.

About Johanna

A human on a journey. In my blog Split seconds of life I write about my experience with career changes and travels, but also other topics I am interested in as cooking, natural cosmetics, photography and there will be some art as well.
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