1. A Hair experiment: Getting silicon-free and reducing tensides – The beginning

One of the projects which I chose for this year: changing my hair cosmetic equipment into a new one which does not contain silicon and does not or contains a lower amount of tensides, thus I chose natural products.

So I will dedicate this and also the next blog posts to hair and my experiences which I made so far.

But of course I needed to get a start with a certain brand which was a difficult choise as you have a wide variety of brands.


After running over several websites and forums about the topic my attention was drawn to “Khadi” products, which said to be natural and ayurvedic cosmetics from India. So I started ordering and my list included:

  • -Khadi Amla Shampoo
  • -Khadi Hair Conditioner with Shikakai and Honey
  • -Vitalizing Hair Oil
  • -Amla Hair Oil (this one I ordered later)

I ordered it in the morning and one day later I already got my delivery and could get started. A few days later I also bought some ghassoul (which is sometimes also spelled rhassoul).

More details about all the products will follow in the next posts.

I was inspired to do this experiment when I was watching television and I observed the advertisements about hair and noticed that they are always talking about:

“Hair which is looking healthy”

But what if I do not want healthy-looking hair, but really healthy hair?

That actually was the starting point. If you want to have healthy hair it is not only important to give it an appropriate amount of external care, but also internal care, which is done by the nutrition. Some products which are told to be like little “hair miracles” are biotin (also called vitamin H), silica, brewer’s yeast, zinc, copper etc., there are many products but these are the typical ones. So I found the following dietary supplements: brewer’s yeast pills which also contain biotin, copper and selenium and I found silica pills which also contain biotin and Vitamin D.

I take the brewer’s yeast pills since approximately 2 months and the silica pills since approximately 2-3 weeks. But I was told by the research in the internet that I have to wait 3-6 months to see results.

The next posts will be about the products in detail, experiences and opinions. I hope you enjoy reading!

About Johanna

A human on a journey. In my blog Split seconds of life I write about my experience with career changes and travels, but also other topics I am interested in as cooking, natural cosmetics, photography and there will be some art as well.
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  1. jhnnbrts, What an informative post, thanks!

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