Sustainability in fashion!?



I already had two other fashion posts about the Primark obsession and about shrinking jeans sizes, but now I want to write about another topic which comes to my mind again and again, I was inspired to do so when I was having a walk through a shopping street…. About whether there is a way to dress in a sustainable way…. There is always a negative point….Some (not only some, actually the majority) produce their fashion under horrible conditions….and if it is not that, which is a weakness, then the fashion contains dangerous chemicals (be it the color or be it some to treat the material in general…but one thing is sure, these extreme mass production brands like Primark can’t be very sustainable)….So to me as a normal consumer there is one question in my mind…how to dress at least in a little bit sustainable manner…one option is second hand, which seems like a new “trend” and I have heard from others who even made whole “second hand shopping days” checking out a bunch of different shops…. Or another option seems to be buying used fashion in the internet (which actually also goes in the second-hand category)….and sometimes there are also some labels which indicate that there is a certain amount of biological cotton used…but one still does not know about the rest of the production…. What do you think about this topic? Do you think it is rather unnecessary to invest in sustainability in fashion?

About Johanna

A human on a journey. In my blog Split seconds of life I write about my experience with career changes and travels, but also other topics I am interested in as cooking, natural cosmetics, photography and there will be some art as well.
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